Aisha L. Abdul Rahman, Ph.D.

After getting the results of my African Ancestry test, and taking a month-long trip to Ghana, I felt like a piece of my heart had been healed. I began to feel more confident about who I was and my place in the world.


African’s in the diaspora were not slaves, we were enslaved. We have a history that begins before slavery.


My experience in Ghana is one that I hope each and every one of us could have. I made it a goal to help inspire, motivate, support, and encourage others to visit the continent at least once.


– Aisha Abdul Rahman,

Owner of Legacy Arts & Culture Travel Association


At Legacy Arts & Culture Travel, we exist to facilitate not only your travels but the healing of our hearts as people in the diaspora. It is our belief that by reconnecting to our history in the US and West African culture on the motherland, we can increase our knowledge of self and therefore begin to heal and unify as a people.


Yes, I can book ALL of your travels, (flights, car rental, cruises, events, and concerts) but I really love helping travelers reconnect with their African roots, history, and culture through travel.

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