About Legacy Arts & Culture Travel

Legacy Arts & Culture Travel Association is a community of African American travelers passionate about exploring and rediscovering our roots, our culture in West Africa, and the diaspora.

Our goal is to empower and facilitate psychological and emotional healing that stems from transatlantic slavery and systematic racism. Our Transpersonal theory is that through knowledge and reconnecting to one’s self, one history, and the restoral of our dignity and self-love as a people, we can finally begin to heal.

About XSBaggij

XSBaggij is the blog here at Legacy Arts & Culture where we share travel tips, tools, and resources on empowerment, self-care, and wellness for Heritage Travelers of African Descent.

You will find topics, tools, resources, and great self-care products and services on how to reconnect to African Traditions and rituals, sacred spaces, types of prayer, good books to read, recipes to try, and more. XSBaggij is a play on words, but also about the importance of not only self-care but being self-aware.