Thanks for reaching out. Legacy Arts & Culture Travel Association is here to help you with all your land, air and sea travels. We specialize in Black Historical Monuments and Tours in the US as well as Arts, Culture and Heritage of countries in West Africa.

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    We tend to get similar questions about working with us.

    Here are a few that may help you save a bit of time.

    Is There a Fee For Your Services ?

    There is a fee for our services depending on the time period and complexity of your travels.

    How to became a VIP customer in your agency ?

    We do not offer VIP, however we do have membership options for exclusive member only travel specials and services.

    How can you become a partner ?

    Please complete the contact form and share information about your tour and or programs and let us know what you have in mind to work together.

    Is it possible to ensure my travels with insurance ?

    Yes, we offer travel insurance options.

    Legacy Arts & Culture Travel Association is a full service travel agency. We are not a booking engine, nor simply here to just help you find the cheapest rates for your travel.

    We are here to help facilitate life changing travel experiences that help you gain more self awareness and confidence in a way that is flexible and stressless. we strive to provide first hand experience insights with all our travel options.