August 2021 Osun Festival


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Travels to historical landmarks really increase your knowledge of sellf.

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This is an Al lInclusive 7 day and 6 night group tour of Nigeria, including hot spots in Osogbo, Osun State and Abuja


Duration: 7 days/ 6 nights
Deposit: $500.00 ( non refundable) 
Cost: $2,700.00 


The West African country of Nigeria is home to many Africans in the Diaspora.  "Lagos, one of the largest metropolitan areas in the world, is the largest city in Nigeria and the continent of Africa."  Join an exciting group tour guided by local Nigerians as you take a life transforming, cultural journey that wont break the bank.

“Most African Americans know something is missing, and you want to be reunited with it,” she said. “If you have any level of awareness about your own identity, where you came from, you would have to start asking those questions.” - Mona Boyd

"In the 16th century, Portuguese explorers were the first Europeans to begin significant, direct trade with peoples of southern Nigeria, at the port they named Lagos (formerly Eko)" The business of trade for bronze and other natural resources unfortunately led to include that of people. Millions of Nigerians were enslaved and transported to various parts of the world.

On October 1, 1960  Nigeria declared its independence from British colonization.


Capital: Abuja
President: Muhammadu Buhari
Currency: Naira
Population: 201 million (2019)
Official Language: English   Locals Speak: Hausa, Igbo, Yoruba
Flag: green and white horizontal stripes


Nigeria has a tropical climate with variable rainy and dry seasons, depending on location.


It is hot and wet most of the year in the southeast but dry
in the southwest and farther inland. In the south the rainy season lasts from March to November, whereas in the far north it lasts only from mid-May to September.


On the coast the temperatures are steady throughout the year,
about 90 °F (32 °C) at Lagos and about 91 °F (33 °C) at Port Harcourt;
and as low as 72 °F (22 °C) for Lagos and 68 °F (20 °C) for Port Harcourt.
In general, mean maximum temperatures are higher in the north, while mean
minimum temperatures are lower.


The humidity generally is high in the north, but it falls during
the harmattan (the hot, dry northeast trade wind), which blows for
more than three months in the north but rarely for more than two weeks along the coast.

DAY 1-


Accommodations for 6 nights
Transportation and logistics
A traditional outfit for the festival
Concierge Services
Visit to Oba's, Babalawos & Lyanifas
IFA Divination
Traditional Nigerian cuisine
Learn Yoruba language and culture

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