It is very difficult to know where you are going if you don’t know where you came from.

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Many  American’s of African descent have come to believe that our history starts and stops with Slavery in America. Growing up and going to public schools, this is what we were taught; especially here on the west coast Unless you to an African American History course, an African Civilizations course in college, or took it upon yourself to read and study your history, you knew very little.  This is where I found myself to be.

African American Ancestry & Geneaology is about knowing your history beyond books, beyond the stories of others, and knowing the history of yourself, your family, your legacy.

There are many tools and resources available that African American’s can use to explore and discover the history and legacy that our families have built in this country as well as the Motherland. Our people were not borns slaves, they were enslaved and our history goes way beyond it. 

How can I help you with your Genealogy Research

  • Solo & Group Heritage Travel Planning
  • Kinship Determination Research
  • Location Photography & Photo Restoration
  • Citizenship Reclamation
  • Book & Journal Restoration
  • Education Outreach, Seminars & Training
  • Document  Translation & Transcription

After spending 20 years of researching my own family history and helping many others, I decided to test my knowledge and experience by becoming a board-certified Genaologist.

While there are no requirements to becoming a Genealogist. My board certification is to show that my research, services, and knowledge has been and is consistently evaluated, and assessed by a board of my peers on an ongoing basis to ensure quality and ethics are always adhered to.

When you work with me in any capacity, you can be, rest assured that there is value and quality in all that I have to offer.