I have always liked the idea of traveling until I started actually traveling. Now, I absolutely LOVE traveling and the experiences that traveling has to offer. But more than just traveling for the sake of traveling, I am passionate about heritage and wellness travel. Travel with deep meaning and purpose, that helps us explore and discover who we are inside and out.

I have planned and organized solo and group travel in the past, but after my trip to Ghana, the meaning and experience of travel really changed for me. I want to help others experience, life-changing, healing, and growth travel in the same way I experienced it.

You probably have so many questions. Like where do I stay, is it safe, what about passports, shots, visas, language and culture barriers? I got you! I’ve been there and experienced it all, including the culture shock of returning home, yes; it’s a thing, but I got you!

  • Custom Itinerary Planning
  • Hotel & Accommodations
  • Ground, Air & Water Transportation
  • Trip Protection  & Travel Insurance
  • Chartering Cruises
  • Travel Concierge Services


Over the years, I have developed a personal relationship with a network of travel industry professionals who help create the most memorable experience during your travels.

CONCIERGE: Imagine just showing up and having everything taken care of, stress-free. Complimentary breakfast, early check-in, and late check-out, room upgrades, laundry service, welcome amenities, a personal driver, and more.

CUSTOM TRAVEL PLANNING: The trips at Legacy Travel are never cookie-cutter, always custom and personalized to your imagination, time, and budget constraints.

LOCAL INSIGHTS: Specializing in destinations I have personally traveled, and boots on the ground are what set us apart at Legacy Travel. We partner with our local networks to bring you true culture and heritage experiences. Anyone can Google and recommend where to stay and what to do based on the experiences of others, but at Legacy Travel the experiences are personal.

LUXURY TRAVEL: Experience Heritage Travel in Luxury. We are royalty after all. High-end travel perks and amenities are sometimes what we need and often deserve; just because. If it’s the DC Metro area, the Lousiana Bayou, or the city of Accra. You will travel like the King & Queen you are.

STRESS-FREE: One of the biggest benefits of working with a travel advisor, is the stress-free feeling, knowing that everything is taken care of. You can travel with no worries and just focus on having a great experience. We just ask that when you return, that you tell us all about it.

African-American girl with a coconut
Image of african american couple hugging while travelling on desert


Legacy Heritage Travel Services are custom-designed packages based on your needs. Rates for our services depends on your specific request. Typically our rates begin at

  • $175.00 for travel planning services.
  • $35.00 for custom itineraries
  • $99.00 per day for concierge services